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Kay Anderson


Kay Anderson has spent her career advising Fortune 500 executives and providing consulting services to some of the world’s most influential companies. She is driven by solving problems and creating impact.

For years, Kay sold sophisticated, large-scale technology projects to leading global corporations. She was a highly successful sales executive at many consulting organizations. She spent over a decade at two renowned systems integrators, Cap Gemini America and Keane, Inc., where she delivered engagements requiring 150 people or more, grew undeveloped territory, and earned recognition as a top sales executive nationwide.

In 1999, Kay and her husband, Michael, founded The Evanston Group, to solve a persistent gap they saw in the industry—the struggle to find the high caliber talent that can make or break project success and business outcomes.

Kay experienced first-hand the frustrations and consequences of employers trying to sell their bench and force-fit available talent or less-seasoned resources onto a project. After she closed a substantial and long-fought-for deal only to see it lost because her employer couldn’t staff it appropriately, she knew there was a better way.

Kay founded The Evanston Group to provide executives and leading companies access to the best independent business and leadership talent. The company’s approach is based on an adaptive service model, which is customized and client pulled, never consultant pushed.

Rather than working to deploy a bench, The Evanston Group starts with clients’ needs first, and then identifies star players and specialty practitioners with the precise skills necessary to help CEOs get their most critical, leading-edge initiatives completed, on time and on budget.

Since its founding, Kay has guided The Evanston Group into a premier life sciences consulting firm with a vast network of specialty talent and an expansive client roster, including over 20 of the Fortune 500/1000 life sciences companies. A point of pride for The Evanston Group is an impressive 95%+ consultant match-rate for clients along with a track record of involvement in over 3,000 engagements on work that is changing the landscape of modern medicine.

At The Evanston Group, it’s about much more than finding the right person for the job. It’s about supporting its clients to create meaningful business and societal impact. The Evanston Group is at the ready to empower companies to find the one-of-a-kind resources that will lead to cutting edge R&D that speeds clinical trials so new cures, vaccines, and other disease treatments get to market. The Evanston Group consultants are helping solve critical compliance, regulatory, and supply chain hurdles and other pioneering innovations that are creating new possibilities and giving millions of people a second chance at life.

As the company looks to its future and new ways to serve and create impact, it will continue paving the way behind the scenes of modern health care. The foundation and legacy Kay and The Evanston Group have put in place adapts to many other industries to support the groundbreaking change of innovative organizations striving to change the world.

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